John W. Loofbourrow Associates, Inc. Member, FINRA, MSRB, SIPC


Loofbourrow Corporate Securities and
Investment Litigation Support Practice

Our team is uniquely qualified to assist you formulate, examine, analyze, and present your case in a corporate securities or investment litigation matter. Loofbourrow professionals have a broad array of Wall Street experience to draw from in compiling its expert analysis and opinions. We are an experienced Wall Street boutique investment bank focusing on complex situations that often fall below the radar of the larger investment banks due to size or specialization. As a result, we have all the expertise you might require to objectively support your needs, with minimal risk of conflicts.

Loofbourrow works with either the plaintiff or defense legal team to objectively provide the technical financial expertise necessary to present their position. Our team can, among other things, assist litigators to:

  • Evaluate the technical facts of a potential claim,
  • Request and analyze appropriate supporting documents and relevant information;
  • Identify potential strengths and weaknesses in technical data;
  • Perform and support methodologies used for complex financial analysis/valuations/calculations;
  • Formulate examination materials and/or responses to anticipated lines of questioning during the deposition process
  • Produce expert and rebuttal reports and accompanying exhibits that are clear, precise and effective.
  • Opine on conformance with common practices in the relevant sector.

John W. Loofbourrow has been the President and CEO of John W. Loofbourrow Associates, Inc. for 32 years. He has served as an Expert Witness on numerous occasions including Kemper Securities v. Christian Mutual Life, Golder Thoma v .Salomon Brothers and Coast Partners Financial Corporation v. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Please go to Our Team for a full description of the breadth and depth of expertise of the Loofbourrow professional team that would serve to assist you in your securities or investment litigation case.

If you would like to contact us regarding our Corporate Securities and Investment Litigation Support Practice, please contact:

Andrea J. Blattman
Managing Director
212-558-6400 ext. 105